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Spear Throwing

 I have over the past few months dedicated a significant time to throwing spear. As with anything, becoming great (at anything) takes a lot  of time and determination. Making your body move the spear so it glides true to a target at distance, then, doing it without thinking, is the result of repetition. I like the simplicity and ease of the spear construction when compared to archery. I must have a bow making curse because they are a engineering feat to just make.  I also like spear throwing as there is also an absence of mind numbing hand/brain shock. I have also always had interest in the javlen or spear as a weapon.  A few tips I have felt hold true as a beginner to consider when developing a throwing technique.  Focus on the target. Remmeber to use your non lance arm to help balance the cast; and always bring your lance hand as far back as possible for the full thrust forward and throw. Use your whole body as opposed to just the muscles of your arm.  It increases the power of the t

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