Saturday, July 17, 2021

Vehicle Keys

Consider leaving your vehicle keys with your car while afield. Find a water safe, well hidden, location near the vehicle and put them there.

I have had all too many painful experiences where I have brought my lanyard toting keys with me. Even if you have a good pack, you can always be sure, if the keys are left behind, your way out will be secure; pluss they are an extra weight and every ounce counts.


Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Life Of A Tree

Trees are alive feeling entities; a statement well proven with science. Now and then I am reminded of the truth in the statement with profound examples; reminders I appreciate given that their spirit is easily forgotten or devalued, I think, due to their apparent lack of mobility and exaggerated movement. 

There is something there that maintains its vitality; that same thing that similarly prevents you or I from smelling like rot after a few days. Looking at a pile of oxadized fire wood, you glean a slight appreciation for that "thing", that is still present in the wood next to it, the live tree. The same species, but one wood has a thing that left the one in the pile. 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

How to Keep Layered Pants Up Without Belts

 I dont use belts because they constrict my waste, so I opt for suspenders. When outdoors however, its often the case that layered pants are required. Fitting too many layers into one suspender clamp will not only damage to clamp, but have a non secure hold.

To remedy said issue, I have arrived at the following solution which does however involve puncturing the fabric of your pants if you do not take the time to sew a good loop. 

On the rim of you pants where the clamps of your suspenders would grab your pants, conservatively puncture under the top seam then slide a strong string or leather strap (or sew  securely a loop with a strong fabric like buckskin) through. Tie the cord to creat a final loop which has roughly an inch wide gap. 

Do this for all the pants you will layer.

Tie four 7 inch long cords, made of a strong material, into loops; two of these loops can be secured to the first pant layers rear two loops; this will allow you to quickly undo the rear clamps and not loose the looped cords when shitting.

When a layer of pant is added slide the folded loose loops (or secure loop already tied to you first layers pants own loops) through the already secured pant layers loop. Fold this main loop over and secure in your suspender clamp.

Said method will require the suspender clamp to hold only two strings of cord, regardless the number of pant layers worn.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

How I Use Sinew To Sew

 Though a buckskin thong for sewing looks better, and feels softer, the following is the result of teaching myself to use sinew to sew. This sew method is also effective for sewing holes before drying while making a smoked skin.

buckskin sinew sewing
Make a hole.

Wet sinew and use a rigid, U shaped tool to slide the end of the sinew through; in this case I used about a 2 inch length of iron cord. A split, shaved, feather veign may have been used in the past.

Even out the sinew ends on both sides of the hole and twist together.

Continue the sew and as you near the end of the thread, for two or three holes, leave the end behind and keep sewing to finish with another loop. As you sew, keep a twist in the sinew. A featcher of using this way of sewing is that short sinews can be used, and to their end.

No knots. To finish a strand, loop the leather hole, do a simple knot, then repeat these steps.

A tip to sewing buckskin is, if you must, try soaking the item in water when finished and wear it dry while stretching it to form. 

When sewing a wet brained skin, wrung ready to hand dry, use sinew for small holes but stretch the hole first. Use a thong from the skin for big holes and major gashes. I dont bother with micro holes. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

More On Karma

As saturn moves into the sign of aquarius, I can't help but draw more corilatiotions between the disposition of the common city man and how we treat our fellow planet dwellers. Settling into our Covid 19 predicament im not left to wonder how to beat the virus or how others will "go back to the way things were", but rather, how will we get the chickens out of the battery cages - apartments, cows off drugs - pharmaceutical dependence, pigs artificially inseminated - artificial insemination, selective breeding -  twins. 

It's not about a vaccine, because there will need to be manny more... It's not about finding a "lab" explanation why one can't get their wife pregnant, who's physically broken and at fault, her or him, but how we treat one another fur bearing or non.

If there is one thing we can learn from history, is that it's not about subduing our neighbor and sweeping them under the rug, but subduing our self. We must not disregard those we can easily beat as there is always a bigger fish or a power that can beat us. 

Simply put, we are defferring the blame when it is a merror which we need. Release the chickens and we may release our selves from the apartment lockdowns.

Trump did attempt to make Amarica great again as a perfect mirror to the American people. He showed a reflection that they were forced to look. 

Bull-shit hysteria about a virus that kills but a few when what will kill us sooner is the energy and waste we produce from it - like shitty plastic masks. Our foe is within us and a vacine that is made will do us more harm than good. .

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Archery Quick Tab

 It's a quick tab for a mediterranean draw. Covers the middle and ring finger but an index finger may be added. Made from buckskin.

The border is also not perfectly trim - but it's a "quick tab".

Buckskin finger tab

Monday, December 28, 2020

Aiming the Shaft (Instinctive Aiming #2)

 When I aim, I look at the mark, slow down and focus. Connect your aim or "set up" to the target with your mind. 

 Part of my consiousness on my hands that are aware of the bow, and the shaft placed there on.

In the side of my eyes I look at the trajectory of the arrow as it is drawn. My mind consiously thinking about where the shaft is aimed in the volume around me moving the draw until I feel it is placed correctly to hit the mark. Your bow hand will and must become familiar with the power of your bow and how you two will move your arrow.

 So archery is focus and discipline under strain; anything else is having fun or goofing, just like any other activity you undertake to atchive mastery.

Aim the shaft, but shoot with the bow. Know the trajectory of the shaft by knowing the location of your hands at the second of release.

I have no anchor point with my string hand. Once I have given myself enough time to make the shaft aimed at full draw, I loose. With your bow arm well bent, focus after the release on helping the limbs and pushing the shaft. Feel the system as it acts and take part by spurring the arrow to its mark. Think to make the arrow fly as true as the arrow on a drop away rest of a compound bow. Give the arrow power without obstruction from the bow hand, stave, or cut away shelf by moving the bow into a fling with practiced control.

The feathers will make a constant sound through the air if the shaft glides true to its mark.

If it's a miss, try again and again and again. One day you will realize how much your hand movement has come nearer to perfection of cast and confluent with the desires of the eye. Only in time, will sensory input turn less consiouse, a strike and the movement required to execute it will have moved closer to the second hand.